As a Directional Drilling company, Compass Oil Services has envisioned a complete wellbore placement delivery to its customers.

Compass’s state-of-the-art new wellbore placement methodology brings Geosteering in order to be able to provide a full solution that will allow our customers to rely on Compass Oil Services assets for an accurate reservoir delivery. For that reason, Compass Oil Services has brought Geo-Stratum L.L.C. a reputed Geosteering company with presence in the Americas as a strategic partner to provide our customers the best quality and cost-effecting solution to all its Geological needs.

Compass Drilling Services in conjunction with Geo-Stratum, have joined forces to provide to its customers reliable geological and real time solutions to increase reservoir's productivity through innovative geosteering methodologies, that combined together with Compass’s directional drilling tools and techniques will guarantee our customers accurate well bore positioning.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 12:30